1st European Integral Conference | 8-11 May 2014 Budapest Hungary

Integral thinking in Europe comes in new forms and manifestations. This community has been eagerly waiting to meet each other. We gather to witness and celebrate “The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe”. An estimated number of 500 people from approximately 20 countries all across Europe and overseas guests met in beautiful Budapest. We helped the birthing of a European identity that will also represent the continent in the global integral movement. Dr. Anna Storck was representing IfGIC and provided together with Dr. Kazuma Matoba workshop about Global Integral Competence.

What is Cosmopolitan Communication for YOU and how we should communicate in the FUTURE?

Recently I actively explore the frontiers of education from an integral perspective. The educational challenges faced today are driving us toward a new step in the evolution of educational theory and practice. Educators are called to go beyond simply presenting alternatives, to integrating the best of mainstream and alternative approaches and taking them to the next level. An Integral approach to education means that we include multiple perspectives, seek to understand the subjective experience of others and to find value in those, employ different pedagogical techniques, combining conceptual rigor with embodied experience, drawing on developmental psychology, and cultivating a reflective and transformative space for students and teachers alike. Integral Theory is increasingly gaining acceptance as an approach for conducting scholarly research also in academic contexts worldwide and I would like to master new knowledge bases and skills, as required for the success of new projects.


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